Don’t forget

No need to introduce Sniff ‘n’ The Tears, but just in case; they’re the group behind the famous song Driver’s Seat (1979). But there’s more to this band than the one hit, listen to my favorite tracks:

Can’t seem to find Like Wildfire online anymore, but it’s worth a listen! (maybe Spotify?)


80’s goodness

During the 80’s the glam factor certainly was higher than ever and some bands were just really really wrong. Of course a few timeless treasures were produced as well, songs that are just too good to be bad!

You love them too, admit it!

Covers II

It’s no secret I absolutely love Terry Reid. I was amazed by his take on this ’66 Nancy Sinatra song, it is so energetic and his ‘superlungs’ really bring across the pain and emotion in the story. Nancy was more soft on it, but her version is haunting.

The live version on the documentary ‘Groupies’ (1969) is also bang on, if only I’d have that version without the talking… Gonna share it anyway, because I dropped dead at 4:09!!


Whola lotta love

If it was possible to be even more in love with Zeppelin than I was before, that’s what I’d be right now. I’ve finished their biography, and it made me understand everything so much better. Why each album represents a different time in their career and lives, the greatness and destructiveness of it all, and why they are not going to get back together. Bonham’s death really was the true end of something that was already ending.
These artists have been very fortunate though, to be able to form this band and become that big. Thank you Terry Reid for suggesting Plant to Page (Nice to know another hero of mine had more to do with it than I thought). Thank you Peter Grant for being the big business man you were and for doing whatever you could to get these guys out there. And thank you to the band members, who also acknowledge what an exceptional magic they had going on between them, and how there could never be a replacement for any of them.

I always thought I liked their first album the best, but the book also made me recognize why Physical Graffiti (1975) may just be their greatest record. And so, some of my favorite, maybe lesser known tracks from that one:


Brussels, the beloved city where I live and work, has many street musicians that -well they try to make money, but I would like to think they are also trying to create a more pleasant atmosphere. There’s this one guy on the square where I work who comes to play the electric guitar every single day from about 4pm on. Actually we’re still not really sure if it is real, because he has a jukebox with him and shows no emotion whatsoever as he is ‘playing’ along with these great songs that, frankly, have come to annoy me, my coworkers and every other person who works or lives around this square. That is why I want to give a shout-out to us all: DON’T HATE THE SONGS!!! I am happy with his choice of repertoire, though his performance has become a total drag! For you lucky ones who’ve never had to listen to him, or who’ve managed to just hear him the one sweet time and he made you smile, here are the songs he ‘plays’:


Most people know Rod Stewart as the glam singer with the bad electric blond hair, but honestly, let’s all admit he’s one hell of a singer! Before his solo career with the famous sing-alongs, he was Jeff Beck’s singer. Rocking the blues, playing harmonica as well.

I’ve found a really cool record of his in the attic many years ago, I love his version of this 1966′ Supremes song.

He has a good voice that hasn’t gone bad at all, so distinctive. Let’s give the man some credit!

Celebration Day

I’m reading the Led Zeppelin biography ‘When giants walked the earth’ by Mick Wall. I was a little afraid to start this book, all the bad stuff they did that could kill the magic surrounding them (in my head). I’m almost half way, but am only adoring them more and really appreciating some of their lesser known songs as well!

This reminds me of when I got the Celebration Day CD and DVD, from their reunion concert in 2007. I was afraid to listen to it and watch it, because I knew Robert’s voice has gone way downhill over the years. I didn’t want the magic killed, they are my heroes. It took me a few months before my dad convinced me it was killer and so I put it on. MY GOD. Almost 30 years after they split up, and still rocking it way better and longer than any of the groups today! Yes, Robert’s voice takes some getting used to, but man, these two songs killed me big time:

I mean, these old socks won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album for this!!! Why wasn’t I a fan yet back then??? I would have died very young.


Green is the colour

Turn on this next song if you’re ready to be blown away, because I fell off my seat hearing the first notes:

Damn, Peter Green. I knew his song Love That Burns, but that was it. So a few months back I started digging into his history and I’ve already bought two of his albums: The End Of The Game (1970) and In The Skies (1979). How was this guy ever in the Fleetwood Mac everybody knows today? Don’t get me wrong, I like their later work, but they sure were something better when this man was around! He is just pure blues and was right to go off and do his own thing!

Listening to the Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac album (1968) as we speak, sure having a good time discovering all this! Would love to get my hands on the documentary about him called ‘Man Of The World’…