Honey I sell soul

I can’t seem to remember how I’ve stumbled upon Rocket From The Tombs. Probably kept clicking and clicking on suggested links on Youtube, must be about 6 years ago. The band only existed for a very short period of time (’74-’75), but they had this really powerful sound. They hadn’t even made an album, but luckily several live performances were recorded:

Definitely gonna buy this one now.

After splitting up, half the members (the line-up was very variable) went on to form Dead Boys and the other half Pere Ubu. However, some of them reformed in 2003 to try and record an actual album. It wasn’t bad, but it was nowhere near how they sounded on stage.

You surely recognize this one?

This last one is from that 2004 album titled Rocket Reddux.




With a little help from my friends

I tend to suddenly like a Beatles song, then listen to it A LOT and quickly end up tired of it. But there are some I’d love to hear anytime! They often involve heavier electric guitars of course.

I think it’s funny how so many bands wanted to make their own Sgt. Pepper’s (1967) after it was released (like The Stones with Their Satanic Majesties Request). It sure is a piece of art. And still my favorite track on there is a more traditional one I believe. Move over Joe.

Now to end with a little get-together between Macca and Slowhand. Reading his biography made me find out he played on the original track. Very happy knowing this.

There is a house

Now these were some talented 60’s musicians. Eric Burdon’s voice is so distinctive, Alan Price’s genius mind, makes a lot of good songs! Best known for their covers, but they’ve got some blues in their bones. Listen to this:

I bought The Complete Animals collection album some years ago for next to nothing, still one of my favorites. Always upbeat and energizing.

Sorry Alan, they had some hits even after he left.

But the one we all think of, and we all wanna hear:

Covers V

I must admit, I had never listened to the original track until today. I was afraid it would ruin the greatness of Terry Reid’s version, but they are both so different. Donovan’s is kind of funny, Terry simply embodies ‘superlungs’. Still prefer Terry’s… Hell, he can do no wrong!

Groovy evening rock

I really really like this song! But was it just a one hit-wonder? Lord no!

We all recognize this one, don’t we?
Well they started out as a cover band. Here’s another one:

It’s always a good idea to dig a little deeper. Now what was that about the singer playing the drums standing up? Will have to buy an album!



Only recently I discovered that the song Daydream (1969) is by a Belgian band! The Wallace Collection recorded the album Laughing Cavalier, that includes this song, at the Abbey Road Studios. Little proud, I must say!

The Buckleys

I’ve finished the biography ‘Dream Brother’ by David Browne, about Tim and Jeff Buckley. However much it was claimed that Jeff did not want to be compared to his father, the similarities are undeniable. Both men were extremely talented, and both men had difficulty accepting the rules of the music industry. They wanted to do it their own way and at their own pace. But most strikingly; both men died very young, and it is hard telling whether they wanted to or not. They had a peculiar state of mind, close to depression, maybe totally losing it towards the end. I would love to believe it was an accident, both of them, but the only ones who would ever know for certain, were Tim and Jeff.
I already loved Jeff’s work, but through this book I discovered some more, like the album Live at Sin-é that preceded Grace, which I just bought a copy of. (He sure was funny.) Tim’s work I discovered a few months back while reading another book, and though I wasn’t convinced I’d buy his albums yet, this book sure has made me reconsider. Their talent is beyond this world: beautiful lyrics, their voices so unique with a very wide range.

The Zeppelin love, always good!

Ending with a song by the father, sung by the son. Jeff was asked to perform at his own father’s memorial in a church. He went to say goodbye, because he never got to go to the funeral, but this moment ended up launching his career.

I thought I’d read they didn’t record this performance in HQ, so no proper album?