the Wolf

I don’t just discover bands through reading, but also through watching movies or TV-series. I hear a good song, try to remember a line or two and afterwards look them up. But there was this one moment on the show ‘Vinyl’ (by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese) where I just had to press pause! Who was this singer? What was this song? I had to know straight away…

Gosh, who still sings like this today? So much soul and blues, suffering, it just goes up and down the spine. I ordered this record instantly and am loving it. Howlin’ Wolf is often mentioned by rock legends when I’m reading their biographies, he sure was a great influence, a real blues man. Want to buy his 1969 record next, the words on the cover make me laugh:

(Led Zeppelin refers to this song, written by Willie Dixon, in Whole Lotta Love and Since I’ve Been Loving You.)


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