High Hopes

The time has come. Ladies and Gentlemen, my second most favorite band is –it is so cliché but it’s true– Pink Floyd! I can’t say I know all the songs by heart, like I do with Zeppelin, or that I love all of them, but their music is beyond this world.  It takes you somewhere far away, it is comforting and disturbing, it is Floyd. I started listening to them at the same time I was discovering Zeppelin, and though they didn’t blow me away immediately, I bought myself the Discovery Box for Christmas. Listening to the early albums in the dark (I used to be too cheap to turn on the light) was very frightening. Listening to later work was magical. Their albums are journeys, you can’t really listen to just one track, you need to hear the whole package. Still I want to share some of the pieces with you tonight. (You gotta listen in the evening, with hardly any light on.)

This is pure genious. If anyone knows a more HQ version, I’d be happy to hear it!

I love love love this version from the ‘Live at Pompeii’ (1972) DVD! Got it for only €5, best thing ever!!

Seeing this makes me so happy. Very glad they did a reunion concert in 2005, even though I wasn’t a fan yet back then, just so I can listen to this version of Comfortably Numb. Best. Guitar solo. Ever.

It’s extremely difficult to choose only a few songs, but if there is one I just HAVE to share with the world, it’s the next one. First, I do not like the Final Cut (1983) album at all, it’s the only one where I simply pressed fast forward. The band was falling apart, Roger was mad, and he remained so for a long time. I do not care for his attitude, even so today. Though there is no denying he WAS Pink Floyd, so were the others. Yes David took it to a more mellow style after they continued to use the Floyd name, and maybe it wasn’t as good as their previous work, but this one song just kills me every single time. It’s the last track on their last album The Division Bell (1994), at least, before they released the post Rick album The Endless River (2014) –title taken from a line in this song. It can still make me cry sometimes, makes my heart jump out of my chest. I want this played at my funeral, and at my wedding, or just any other day of my life. I am IN LOVE with High Hopes.

Their music has really grown on me and still is continuing to do so. I would like to get to know their earlier work a bit better, understand Syd’s vision before David joined in. They are so versatile, the albums are all so different! I was fortunate enough to see David Gilmour last year and so I had a little taste of the live experience! Thank you legend for playing my favorite song. By the way, the book written by Nick Mason, ‘Inside Out’, is a real treat! I’ve never had a biography make me laugh out loud so many times!



  1. Bart · July 14, 2017

    Hallo Eva,
    weer een ferm stukje over je voorkeur voor goeie muziek.

    Natuurlijk mocht en kon Pink Floyd niet ontbreken.
    Goed dat je twee werken naar boven haalt uit de periode ’69 – ’72. Voor velen de jaren van de ongekende Floyd, voor anderen, alsook voor mij de beste jaren van de band.
    Na Dark Side Of The Moon kwamen er nog prachtige albums uit, maar de meest creatieve, experimentele en uitzonderlijke muziek maakte de band in voornoemde periode, en niet in de studio’s maar op de planken.
    En dat hoor je pas als je de bootlegs en opnames uit die tijd begint te verzamelen en te beluisteren.
    Atom Heart Mother brachten ze al geruime tijd op het podium, voor de plaat uitkwam (net zoals bij veel ander werk).
    De niet-van-deze-aarde-muziek wordt dan, meestal lang uitgesponnen, en met improvisaties doorspekt, live gebracht op concerten en festivals. Je kent ongetwijfeld ook nummers als Embryo, Fat Old Sun, Green Is The Colour en Grantchester Meadows, …
    Vergeten en ondergewaardeerd album uit die tijd is ook Obscured By Clouds, waarvan regelmatig nummers live werden gebracht.
    Ik wil je alleen maar aanmoedigen de ontdekkingstocht in het verleden van de jonge Floyd verder te zetten, er zullen nog parels naar boven komen drijven.
    En, as you know, ik heb verschillende kwaliteitsvolle opnames van Carefull With That Axe, if you want to borrow them, … just contact me.

    Shine On

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  2. Drew Martin · July 14, 2017

    “The Fletcher Memorial Home” is the best song on The Final Cut, which I agree, isn’t very good. The last album to feature Syd, Saucerful of Secrets, is really good and worth hearing if you haven’t done so already. The final track is all Syd, and a great way to end the album, and his tenure with them.


    • Eva · July 15, 2017

      I have heard all the albums, but sure will give those two songs another listen!


  3. Bart · July 15, 2017

    I agree with Martin about The Fletcher Memorial Home. It’s a great song with a tremendous guitar solo of David.
    But most of all, the song is dedicated to Roger’s father who died in the war. The lyrics are very poetic and cynical.
    The final Cut is almost a personal anti-war album of Roger. In that way it is a strong album to.


    • Eva · July 15, 2017

      I will try to give the album another chance then 🙂


  4. Yanni Worthington · July 20, 2017

    What did you think about The Endless River?


    • Eva · July 22, 2017

      I like it! Sounds like an extension of the Division Bell, which is kinda what it is. It’s very dreamy, I think Rick would’ve approved.

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