The girls

As I’ve mentioned, the female singers are seriously (like SERIOUSLY) outnumbered when it comes to my taste in music. Were there so few who made it onto the big scene back then? Or do I just prefer men singing? I know I’ve had more male bands or singer-songwriters blow me away than women. That’s why I’d like to put those handful in the spotlight here:

Grace Slick must be the most powerful singer to me, so effortlessly. No doubt the best female voice of that era.

Stevie Nicks, little hippie with the bad hairdo. Good performance!

I don’t like all of Janis Joplin‘s repertoire, but you must give it to her: she sings with an incredible amount of feeling and power. As if every song is the last one she’ll ever sing. (Is that Mama Cass in the crowd at the end looking flabbergasted?)

Something totally different. Looking up more of Mimi Fariña’s stuff, I came across a performance of her singing 500 miles. I knew I’ve heard it before so I looked up more versions and found the original one, written by this folksinger called Hedy West. This kinda music always makes me think of old movies, very American voice and feel, must be the banjo. Will be the first folk album I buy. Check out 500 miles, and the version by The Journeymen is also worth a listen!

If anyone can recommend more female singers of that time, feel free to post them below. (I do not seem to like very high pitched voices, like Joni Mitchell, or even Mimi Fariña solo… Joan Baez didn’t do it for me either, though her lyrics are good.)


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