My crooked tower of joy

Finally! It’s here!! My dad had promised me his old music system months ago, and now it is officially mine!!! I had bought a record player last year and it spent a long time collecting dust. I have been buying records, not sure when I’d be able to play them, but here we go! It’s on! First I had Moanin’ in the moonlight (1959) by Howlin’ Wolf on, then Roy Harper’s Stormcock (1971), an album called Thunderbird (1971) with a collection of Little Walter tracks, and just now the live album The Delicate Sound Of Thunder (1988) by Pink Floyd. Life is good when you’ve got some fine speakers and a small but wicked record collection. Embracing the vinyl times! (Now just have to find a set-up or some other way to make it fit in with my interior…)



One comment

  1. Aline · June 25, 2017

    Woohoow, zo leuk! Geniet ervan!


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