Only recently I discovered that the song Daydream (1969) is by a Belgian band! The Wallace Collection recorded the album Laughing Cavalier, that includes this song, at the Abbey Road Studios. Little proud, I must say!


The Buckleys

I’ve finished the biography ‘Dream Brother’ by David Browne, about Tim and Jeff Buckley. However much it was claimed that Jeff did not want to be compared to his father, the similarities are undeniable. Both men were extremely talented, and both men had difficulty accepting the rules of the music industry. They wanted to do it their own way and at their own pace. But most strikingly; both men died very young, and it is hard telling whether they wanted to or not. They had a peculiar state of mind, close to depression, maybe totally losing it towards the end. I would love to believe it was an accident, both of them, but the only ones who would ever know for certain, were Tim and Jeff.
I already loved Jeff’s work, but through this book I discovered some more, like the album Live at Sin-é that preceded Grace, which I just bought a copy of. (He sure was funny.) Tim’s work I discovered a few months back while reading another book, and though I wasn’t convinced I’d buy his albums yet, this book sure has made me reconsider. Their talent is beyond this world: beautiful lyrics, their voices so unique with a very wide range.

The Zeppelin love, always good!

Ending with a song by the father, sung by the son. Jeff was asked to perform at his own father’s memorial in a church. He went to say goodbye, because he never got to go to the funeral, but this moment ended up launching his career.

I thought I’d read they didn’t record this performance in HQ, so no proper album?


My dad had this live version on tape and he used to play it to us all the time when we were kids. Of course we didn’t have a clue what the song was about, we just thought it was funny to hear “c-o-l-a cola” and loudly sing along.

Cortez The Killer

This morning on the radio I heard a live performance where the guitar playing just slayed me, so I had to share it with you guys:

For this Neil Young cover, the Dave Matthews Band brought on stage an incredible guitar player I hadn’t heard of before: Warren Haynes. I’ve looked up some information about him, and apparently he was asked to join the Allman Brothers Band when they reunited in the 80’s. He’s definitely got the blues in his bones. When he covers a song, he does it justice! Another old soul keeping it alive.


Covers IV

This song by Scott McKenzie from 1967, hate it or love it, has become an immortal classic. Led Zeppelin covered a small part of this hippie anthem during their live performance of Dazed and Confused. I just love that moment from 5:50 on when the song goes into a different chapter, and the lines to this song come on- totally lifts you up and sends you out of space… The entire half an hour performance is simply mesmerizing!

Hats off to

Another artist I’ve discovered on my mission to learn all about the history of my favorite bands, is the singer-songwriter Roy Harper. Not only has he provided the vocals on the Pink Floyd track Have a Cigar (1975), Led Zeppelin has a song on their 3rd album called Hats Off To (Roy) Harper (1970). Jimmy Page contributed to Harper’s album Stormcock (1971), which is my favorite album of his! I bought it on vinyl, it has such a smooth vibe to it, it is so complete and sounds like a story. It is really worth a listen, but my favorite track on there is this one:

I have a great live version on my computer, but can’t seem to find it online anymore…
Harper was kind of a goof and he always stayed true to himself in his music, never giving in to commercial pressure from the music industry, which made him a much respected artist. He sure is very talented, still.

I’ve JUST found out they actually made an album together, need to get my hands on it!!

Feel good

It’s not all rock ‘n blues. YES IT IS. No, here are some funky 70’s songs I really like that are a bit different from my usual taste in music. So upbeat and happy, like a quick shot of positive energy. Go ahead; listen, and feel good!


Covers III

Thank you for creating this song in 1956, dear Screamin’ Jay, but I love love love the cover by CCR! They just nail it, that first scream is electrifying!

Shoving some more Terry Reid down your throat; but his live performance of the song is worth a listen:

How I love a singer with a good scream.

Doom & Gloom

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about the Stones yet! Someone once told me that, back in the 60’s, you were either a fan of the Beatles or a fan of The Rolling Stones. I would have been the latter. Mick is not the greatest singer in my opinion, but that never stopped them from recording album after album, hit after hit. Neither did the drugs or alcohol, because they are still rocking it after all these years. I’ve seen them live in 2014 and they performed as lively as back in their twenties. My favorite track has always been Miss You (1978), but they have so many great songs, I tried to choose the ones I enjoy the most:

goosebumps, every time

Hard to believe this last one was released in 2013, they just remain amazing.